Choosing Yes

Don’t we all want to know what we were created to be in the eyes of God? What is our mission or purpose?   I am not talking about a profession or vocation but more personal than that. Neither am I talking about marital status or motherhood. We are first and foremost created by God and given the title of ‘daughter’ to the Most High. That is the relationship that should be given the most care and attention. If we say YES to that primary divine relationship, all the other gifts, talents, occupations, and relationships fall into a divine order.

How do I say YES yet live in the world? First, one needs to really understand the Father. We have been left a heritage of scriptures to reveal many aspects or titles of God the Father. Read holy scripture daily and deeply. Prayer should be done the same. Speaking, communicating, listening to God will help us learn about ourselves.

Unfortunately not all family members and friends will understand this quest. Some may call us fanatic, self-righteous, even disloyal. And while some individuals not firmly rooted in doctrinal truths can wander on strange paths, the humble and sincere at heart can receive answers about their personal mission in mortality. For each person is created for a purpose known to God.

Are we open to learning what that is? When we choose YES to have a relationship with God, we are also choosing to discover our divine nature and purpose.


No Strings Attached

My beautiful and playful Birman cat, Bella, has recently developed an interest in a metal cross which I had been given. She has even fished it out of barely open drawers to play with it. She is fascinated by the shiny metal and the black string that moves when I pull it from her paws.

Reflecting on her persistence to ‘play with Jesus’, I wondered how easily she is lured by shiny objects despite those objects come with strings attached.   This week I have been more than usual preoccupied learning a new skill for a hobby.  Some of my prayer times had been missed because I was so distracted.  Yet, the ‘string’ attached was a slight waning of my inner spiritual light–ever so slight yet perceptible.  A personal ‘course correction’ was needed.

“God Alone” is inscribed above the entrance to a monastery.  I have adopted that call to mean “God First”.  Prayer before Pinterest.  Scriptures before social media. Do I come to Christ with strings attached? Ties of worldly interest and obligation?   Yet Jesus has no such ties when it comes to me.   He said, ” I stand at the door and knock”. Do I respond by saying, “just let me finish this email”? Or do I drop everything and welcome him in?   I recall the bells at a monastery announcing the times for prayer as though gentle knocks to put God first.

What are the shiny distractions in my life?  What spiritual strings are attached to those?  What are the gentle knocks that exist or that I can create to put God first?  Questions for all of us to ponder.